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Björn Wirtz (born in 1979) is renowned for paintings that capture the essence of the places he explores and showcase his deep connection with nature.

After obtaining his degree in Visual Communication from FH Krefeld in 2005, he initially worked as a freelance illustrator in the publishing industry. In 2007, he took a position in Volkach, Bavaria, where he worked as an artist and art director for numerous projects in the entertainment industry.

From 2013 onwards, he increasingly devoted himself to traditional painting, initially focusing on watercolor before transitioning to oil painting. Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards, including recognition at the prestigious Art Renewal Center Salon in the USA. Since 2023, he has been accompanying the established artist group of the North German Realists as a guest member at selected symposiums.

His works are housed in private collections across Europe, North, and South America.


A portrait photo showing Björn Wirtz.

“I prefer to create my works in direct exchange with the subject. I aim to make my enthusiasm for and intense engagement with the visible world palpable in my paintings. The subject is merely a starting point, a spark that moves me to paint. Through editing and simplifying, I aim to create something that goes beyond the seen and ultimately reflects my emotions.”

SELECTED AWARDS – 2nd place, April 2021

#tmini_challenge by Tiffanie Mang – 1st place, July 2020

Boldbrush – Honorable Mention, July 2020

14th ARC Salon Competition – Finalist in the Plein Air + Landscape Categories, 2020

Art Muse Contest  – Emerging Artist Winner, April 2019

Art Muse Contest  – Emerging Artist Finalist, March 2019

Art Muse Contest  – Emerging Artist Finalist, June 2018

Art Muse Contest  – Emerging Artist Finalist, May 2018

13th ARC Salon Competition – Finalist Plein Air, 2019

California Plein Air Painters International Salon – Award of Merit, 2016

Boldbrush Outstanding Watercolor Award, July 2015

Winner Watercolour Meeting, Würzburg, 2014



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California Plein Air Painters International Salon, Monterey, USA



Björn Wirtz (S) – WCC, Berlin


International artist feature South African Artist Magazine / Issue 49, 2020