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All painting workshops will take place in small groups, as it is important to me to be able to respond individually to your level of knowledge and your wishes. Therefore, both beginners and advanced learners will benefit.

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If you would like me to create an individual group workshop for you, please contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Among others, I am currently planning the following painting workshops:

Plein Air Painting Workshop

In order to be able to represent nature in a lively and honest way, it is essential that you see it with your own eyes and directly respond to this. And that is exactly what we will be doing by capturing our individual impression on canvas outside, in front of the motif.

I‘ll show you how to see correctly, the basic requirement for successful painting. Furthermore I‘ll teach you about the selection of motifs, image composition, capturing the fascinating light of nature with the means of oil paint, the need to simplify things and much more. I will also be happy to share with you the means I have learned over many years to make painting “en plein air” a little bit easier.


Alla Prima Still Life Workshop

Because one has full control over the arrangement, motif and light, still lifes are very suitable for conveying important basics of painting, such as composition, values and using simplification to achieve a stronger painting. Here, too, we paint directly from the subject in order to learn to see correctly and to capture the colors as we humans, and not a camera, see them. I will show you the different ways of applying paint, the importance of soft vs hard edges and much more.




I also offer individual teaching, where I fully concentrate on your current level of knowledge in painting and am able to support you to reach your goals. We would mostly go out plein air painting together where I teach you all I know about capturing, interpreting and simplifying what is in front of you by doing demo paintings, lecturing about the fundamental concepts of painting and giving you access to teaching material in various formats (PDF, video etc.).

Online Mentoring

The online mentorship is critique-heavy and intended for all skill-levels as I pick you up where you are at.

• The duration is 8 weeks in total. At the beginning, we assess where you currently are in your painting journey and what you want to achieve with the mentoring. It can, but doesn’t have to be a specific goal, like: become better at Plein Air painting, improve in color, composition and so on.
• Each week we have a 1 hour video meeting in which we discuss your previous week’s studies. I prepare digital paintovers of your work beforehand in which I integrate the fundamental concepts of painting and seeing as an artist.
• Each week you get an assignment for the next, based on your goals, skill-level and progress.
• Besides receiving the digital paintovers after each session, you will also get access to other teaching materials in PDF and video formats.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me! I am looking forward to hearing from you!